Store Reopening - 'Brighten Up' Enters Step 3 Friday July 16th

Good Afternoon!

We are SO excited to be entering Step 3 of the Ontario Reopening this Friday, and especially seeing so many of our fellow businesses reopening and/or lowering restrictions.

STEP 3 (Begins July 16th)
As a non-essential retail store, we will be able to open for in-store shopping at our full COVID-safe capacity. 

  • Erin: 16
  • Fergus: 48
  • Please be aware that these capacity limits are guidelines only, and staff may - at their sole discretion - admit less people to allow for safe distancing
  • Pickup orders are still available to minimize wait times

Please keep in mind a few tips to make your visit, and everyone else's, more enjoyable!

  • When you attend our stores (either for in-store or pickup service), please remember to wear a face covering and respect others by practicing PHYSICAL DISTANCING (Maintain 2m/6-7ft of Separation from Others)
  • Try to keep your visit brief - you can plan ahead for your visit by browsing our website and giving us a call with any questions.
  • Be patient! Have fun! We are here to help!

See you soon!

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