About 'Brighten Up'

Chris and Stephanie founded Brighten Up in January 2012 to bring a local Toy and Game store – alongside a Learning Centre – to our home community of Erin. We strive to ‘Brighten Up’ our customers’ lives by bringing cheer and fun into their day.

In March 2020, we expanded our Toy & Game business with a second location in Fergus, taking over the location of Jester's Fun Factory on their retirement. 

With the increasing pressure and awareness of screen time and stress, we believe it is important to seek unplugged options to feed your mind, enhance your energy through fun, and cultivate relationships with your loved ones.

Brighten Up is proud to offer quality, affordably-priced toys, games, puzzles and books. Products range from infant, children, and youth through adult.

We appreciate your choice to support us! As a local, independent store we strive to bring you an excellent, unique selection at affordable prices. By supporting us you not only allow us the privilege of continuing to do what we love, but you also facilitate our investments in local employees, events, clubs and organizations! 

Our VISION is that learning and discovery are worthy lifelong pursuits.

Our MISSION is to make lifelong learning and discovery fun for everyone.

Chris & Stephanie

Chris, with his partner Stephanie, are the founders and owners of Brighten Up.

Chris is also the primary Senior Math and Science tutor. He has a strong educational background in business, math, science and the social sciences. Chris works with students in a variety of courses, and also has experience working with ADHD and dislexia. He attended the University of Western Ontario where he earned an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Organizational Studies with a double major. While at school he worked as a Teaching Assistant and ran two businesses. He then worked as a professional coach, and a regional manager, before returning to Erin and opening Brighten Up. Chris has a strong interest in the Erin commununity. He is currently Chair of the Erin Village BIA, Secretary for the Rotary Club of Erin, a member of the Erin Economic Development Committee and several business working groups, and leads and is an active volunteer with many projects in Erin. Chris is a recipient of the Shamrock Award for Citizenship and Outstanding Community Service. He has always enjoyed learning, exploring, discovering new things and figuring out how things work.

Stephanie holds an Honour’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Specialization in History from the University of Guelph. In 2011 she completed her Bachelors of Education in Intermediate and Senior Drama and History Education at Queen’s University. Stephanie is active in the local theatre scene, and is the President of the Caledon Townhall Players. She also directs and works backstage on many productions. Stephanie also volunteers with the Village of Erin BIA as an event coordinator, coordinates community activities with Erin Agricultural Society, East Wellington Community Services, Erin District High School, local sports and recreation groups, and many more! Brighten Up's Educational Services have been awarded several community support recognitions, including the Ontario Association of Agriculture Service Award. Stephanie has spent her entire life working towards her goal of teaching, and she loves nothing more than getting the opportunity to help students discover their strengths, talents and what is important to them. She brings this passion to her role as Brighten Up's Education Director where she works with both her own students and the other tutors to ensure every student's continued success and growth. She also enjoys creating a fun environment for kids to explore and discover at Brighten Up's discovery programs.