Welcome to Banff
Welcome to Banff
Ravensburger Puzzles

Welcome to Banff

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1000 pc Canadian Series Puzzle

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Miguel Freitas grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and moved with his family to Toronto, Canada when he was a
teenager. His love of art and painting started at a young age where he explored different ways of
expressing his creativity. His artistic diversity, and ability to work with various media and styles has proven
to be a great asset to his creative career. In 2004 he ventured on his own and made a career of what had,
until then, only been a passionate hobby...painting. He has since painted from his home studio in Toronto's
Beaches area. His use of vibrant colors is what often strikes people first. The colors are carefully chosen,
giving off a strong presence and symbolic content to his work. The passionate reds, pure range of blues
and warm yellows are seared into your memory, leaving you emotionally charged.
27" x 20" finished size

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