Traffic Education (#71332)
Traffic Education (#71332)
Traffic Education (#71332)

Traffic Education (#71332)

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Stand on red, walk on green - traffic education is child's play and even more fun in the schoolyard! Here, students learn the meaning of the various traffic signs and the traffic lights so that they are always safe on foot and on their bikes.
Proper behavior in traffic is important for schoolchildren. To get to school and back home safely, the children practice all the important rules in the Traffic Education Class. When am I allowed to cross the street, where are danger spots, what is particularly important to pay attention to in road traffic? With the bicycle course playset from PLAYMOBIL, traffic education is fun! The detailed toy set playfully introduces children to the topic of road traffic and encourages them to recreate the rules at home and reinforce what they have learned.

The toy set includes three PLAYMOBIL figures, six traffic signs, two bicycles, a megaphone, a trowel and other great extras. An ideal gift or souvenir for the start of school or for all clever children aged 4 and up.

Additional Information
Figures: 1 woman, 2 children; Animals: 1 frog; Accessories: 1 road cardboard, 6 road signs, 2 bicycles, 1 megaphone, 1 trowel
Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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