Tangle Jr.
Tangle Jr.
Tangle Jr.
Tangle Jr.

Tangle Jr.

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The Tangle Jr. is so much fun to twist and turn - it's hard to put it down! Tangles are the ultimate creativity tool for kids and adults alike.

After 40 years and almost 200 million units sold worldwide, you can find Tangles everywhere. From the classroom to the boardroom and every place in between, the fun and creativity never stop when you've got a Tangle in your hand.

When coiled, the Tangle Jr. measures 1.5" x 2" x 1.5". Extends to 7" when uncoiled.


Tangle Jr. Classic

  1. Hard, smooth texture
  2. Bright solid color sections
  3. Translucent sections on select styles

Tangle Jr. Textured

  • Textures vary.

Tangle Jr. Metallic

  1. Hard, smooth texture
  2. Bright, solid color sections with metallic finish

Tangle Jr. Totally Textured Metallic

  1. Each color features a unique texture
  2. Bright metallic finish

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