Modelling Accessories (by Tamiya)

Modelling Accessories (by Tamiya)

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CEMENT - liquid type glue specially formulated for plastic hobby kits. Available in standard, and also extra thin (to flow into and stick the small spaces between two plastic parts which have been pre-fitted to one another)

PRIMER - surface primer for metal or plastic. Available in grey or white, and in standard or fine.

LIQUID SURFACE PRIMER - highly useful for filling seam lines and smoothing over scratches in small or difficult to reach areas. Can be applied with a modelling brush.

THINNER - a diluted lacquer thinner that is plastic friendly, causing minimal damage to plastic models. Can be used for any of the following:
1. Remove paint from paint brushes and other painting tools.
2. Clean paint, oil, putty etc. from various surfaces and to clean the model itself. 
3. Dilute Liquid Surface Primer allowing it to be used in airbrushes. You may also use to thin out putty or dilute lacquer based paints.

MODEL BRUSH BASIC SET -  a perfect first-time modeling paintbrush set, features Tamiya Flat Brush No. 3, Flat Brush No. 1 and Pointed Brush (Small).

VARNISH - ideal for giving your models a high-quality finishing touch. Not only will they improve the look, they also serve to protect surfaces by giving them a waterproof coating. Features a built in brush in the bottle cap for convenient application. Available in Gloss or Matte.

DECAL ADHESIVE/SOFTENER - This product both softens decals and improves their adhesion to the target surface, also helping to avoid silvering. Contents: 10ml. Cap features an applicator.

PANEL LINE - Panel Line enamel paints are ideal for highlighting panel lines and other details to give your model a more realistic depth. The paint has been pre-diluted into the ideal viscosity and can be easily applied into crevasses such as panel lines with the brush on the bottle cap. Once dried, any excess may be cleaned up by using enamel thinner. (Bottle contains 40ml)

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