Sunburnt Swimmer (#70112)*
Sunburnt Swimmer (#70112)*

Sunburnt Swimmer (#70112)*

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product no.: 70112

Exposure to UV light causes the skin colour of the figure to turn partly red. The tyre floats in the water.
Splashing around in the water with the floating tyre is so much fun. But if you forget the sunscreen, you can expect a nasty surprise at the end of the day: sunburn! The swimmer's skin is not only red, but also burns like hell. Now it's time to get out of the sun and apply a healing ointment. Fortunately, the skin looks much better the next day. From now on, he will never forget to apply sunscreen again! Set contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a swimming tyre, a cool box, a towel, bathing slippers and other great extras. Parts of the adult figure's skin turn red when exposed to UV light.

Additional Information
Figures: 1 man with sunburn, 1 child; Accessories: 1 swim tire, 1 cooler, 1 towel, 1 ice pack, 1 bottle, 1 coconut with straw, 1 pair of bathing shoes, 1 tube, 1 wrap, 1 hat, 1 cap
Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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