Smartivity: Highway Hog
Smartivity: Highway Hog

Smartivity: Highway Hog

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Learn about motion, elasticity, and momentum faster than your car can race past the finish line. Smartivity's Stem Wheels educational DIY learning toy takes adrenaline rush to the next level. Build your own car, load it into the launcher and watch it go zoom! Decorate with your own paints and markers and make it unique! Challenge your friends to a race and compete for the title of the master racer!
• Skills Developed: Analytical Skills, Creativity, Motor Skills, Practical Skills

Unleash your imagination with SMARTIVITY Do-It-Yourself activity kits.

Made from high-quality, re-engineered, laser-cut wood, all SMARTIVITY products are recyclable, safe, non-toxic, and sustainable.

Mess-free assembly using rubber bands - no glue required. With art materials from home and a little creativity, make your completed project your own.

Designed for learning fundamental principles of STEM/STEAM, each kit comes with easy-to-understand, illustrated instructions with experiments to ensure understanding of concepts learned through play.

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