Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends
Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends
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Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends

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Welcome, pirates! Have you ever dreamed of being out on the open waves in search of treasure and adventure? Well then, the Sea of Thieves is calling!

Inspired by the hit video game, Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends is a competitive seafaring game of piracy for 2-4 players. Explore the high seas with your friends in voyages packed with danger and excitement, but don't forget - only one of you can be crowned a Pirate Legend.

You'll build a fearsome reputation as you compete for that title, battling sea monsters and pilfering plunder as you go.

• Build reputation by completing voyages, defeating foes, and gathering treasures.

• Upgrade your ship from a humble Sloop to an imposing Galleon.

• Visit the Outpost to hire crew, make repairs, and sell your precious cargo.

• Set wail wherever the wind carries you - there's no one route to victory!

• Beware! No ship is safe from the fearsome Kraken and Megalodon. . .

7 Game Board Tiles
18 Special Crew Card
20 Event Cards
52 Fortune Cards
12 Ship Cards
52 Voyage Cards
8 Enemy Cards
24 Standees
300+ Tokens
10 Dice

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90-120 minutes

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