Rosie White Bunny with Easter Egg
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Rosie White Bunny with Easter Egg

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You won’t catch Rosie the plush Bunny missing out on celebrating the springtime season! Designing Easter Eggs is her absolute favorite thing to do this time of year. With zig zag stripes, polka dots, and an assortment of pastel colors, there’s no end to the creativity of egg decorating and that’s what Rosie loves best! This endearing Bunny stuffed animal features soft, white fur detailed with pink accents on her feet, nose, and ears. Rosie’s bright expression reveals her passion for spring and she holds a sky blue felt Easter egg that shows off her handiwork. Give this adorable mini plush rabbit a place in your décor or place her in a basket amongst the chocolates and eggs and watch the smiles abound!

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24 Months & Up


5.5" Tall


(14 cm)




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