Q-Ba-Maze Big Box

Q-Ba-Maze Big Box

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With its unique cube design and sliding side connections, this marble-run set builds into nearly any shape or structure your imagination can conjure.  Build a robot, a dinosaur, a peace sign, a giant, tree - Anything - Then, once it's complete, drop in one of the steel balls and watch as the whole thing comes to life with clicking, clacking action.  Bottom exit cubes start up the moment. Single exit cubes keep the ball rolling while double-exit cubes keep everyone wondering, "which way is the marble going to go??"

It's a live demonstration of physics, probability, art, and design all rolled into one!  Launch into a thrilling adventure of vibrant, versatile construction action with the Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Big Box set.  Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Big Box Marble run cubes with vibrant, translucent colors. Encourages fine motor skills, logic, creativity.

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