Plant Pet: Paint & Decorate Dino Planter
Plant Pet: Paint & Decorate Dino Planter
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Plant Pet: Paint & Decorate Dino Planter

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Get kids excited about gardening with this cute, easy to care for planter.
Decorate the dino planter and turn it into your own plant pet. The unique self-watering system keeps your plant growing for days.
This set includes a planter, water dish, chia seeds, paints, paint brush, stickers, play mat and potting mix.
Recycle Creatively by turning the box into a fun play mat.

Contents: 1 Dino planter 4.125” h x 6” w x 4.25” d, 1 Leaf-shaped water bowl, Bright decorative stickers, Wiggly eyes, 3 Non-toxic paints - Yellow, Sky Blue and Turquoise Green, 1 Paintbrush, 1 Fabric tongue, 1 Bag of potting mix, 1 Bag of chia seeds, 1 Play mat on box and Instructions

Ages: 6+

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