Parachute Rescue (Schleich #41471)

Parachute Rescue (Schleich #41471)

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Catalog Number 41471
Dinosaur rescue takes to the skies with the Parachute Rescue playset from Schleich Dinosaurs! A baby triceratops in in danger, and it's up to ranger Maxx Colby to parachute in and save the day. Hurry, Maxx, hurry! Will you help Maxx with the rescue? Recommended for ages 5 and up, the playset includes a mini triceratops, a Maxx figurine, and a parachute, backpack, and helmet for the big mission.

Age Recommendation: 4-12 years
Dimensions: 11,811 x 11,811 x 23,6221 inch

The jungle is a treacherous place for a young triceratops, teeming with hungry predators and dangerous terrain. Oh no! The triceratops is stranded on a rocky cliff! Sharp-toothed carnivores are closing in, and certain peril awaits on the rocks below. Can you help Ranger Maxx Colby rescue the little dinosaur? Strap on your parachute, Maxx!
1x parachute, 1x parachute backpack, 2x parachute ropes, 1x Ranger Maxx, 1x flight helmet, 1x Mini Triceratops
Additional Information
  • With a posable Maxx figurine and a realistic triceratops toy, playtime isn't a story…it's an adventure!
  • Unpack the parachute and float to safety with the triceratops secure inside the rucksack!
  • What are Maxx and the triceratops escaping from…a hungry predator? Or maybe your little sister? Prehistoric peril can be anything you dream up when your imagination runs wild with schleich®.
  • Part of the ever-expanding schleich® DINOSAURS universe, a world of realistic dinosaur figurines and playsets. Your story's next chapter begins here!
  • When they unwrap a schleich® DINOSAURS toy, they unwrap a life of storytelling and adventure.

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