Outback Adventures (Schleich #42550)

Outback Adventures (Schleich #42550)

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Catalog Number 42550
Age Recommendation: 3-8 years
Dimensions: 7,4803 x 2,3622 x 5,9055 inch

Imagine you're a young kangaroo, hopping among the scrub brush and playing hide-and-seek with friends. Off in the distance, you hear a cheerful whistling tune. It's Ranger Tom coming to visit! Hop up on your stump…can you see him hiking up the trail? G'day, Tom! Do you think the ranger and his friend the dingo will join your hide-and-seek game?

1x Ranger Tom, 1x Kangaroo mother, 1x Kangaroo baby, 1x Dingo, 1x backpack, 1x binoculars, 1x cup, 1x tree stump
Additional Information
  • Just like a kangaroo in the Australian wilderness, our mother kangaroo figurine has a pocket for carrying her joey…do you think she carries juice boxes, crayons, and sunscreen, too?
  • Built to withstand the rugged terrain "down under," not to mention the rough wilderness of your nearest playground.
  • Binoculars? Check. Backpack? Check. Cup of coffee? Check! Comes with all the essentials for adventures in the outback (or the living room...).
  • Our toys believe in worlds without boundaries…where kangaroos and penguins take road trips together, and where a polar bear can have sleepover with a dingo and a whale. 'Cuz why not?!
  • Looking for gifts for kids who love Australia and dream of trekking the outback? Give 'em the Outback Adventures playset and you're sure to hear "Good on ya, mate!"

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