Modelling Accessories (by Testors)

Modelling Accessories (by Testors)

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CEMENT - Cement for Plastics; Use for polystyrene and ABS plastic. 

CLEAR PARTS CEMENT - best used for cementing clear styrene, cementing clear polystyrene parts like canopies, windows/windshields, and lenses. Dries as clear as glass!
Does not yellow, does not leave unsightly residue, non-toxic, washes up with water (before it dries).

CONTOUR PUTTY - used for filling seams, gaps, and creating custom features on models. Dries to a hard light gray finish that can be sanded and painted.

CLEAR TOP COATS - lacquer-based clear overcoat, used to seal and protect painted surfaces. Can be used over all enamels and acrylics once they have dried for 24 hours or more. Available as:
Dullcote (used for altering glossy surfaces to give them a flat look, and to protect decals)
- Glosscote (used for achieving a smooth glossy finish, over flat paint for good decal adhesion, or for a smooth and shiny protective layer)

BRUSHES - Assorted packs available

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