Mexican Train (wooden suitcase)
Mexican Train (wooden suitcase)
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Mexican Train (wooden suitcase)

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Family Fun!

The Mexican Train is a board game played with double-12 coloured dot dominoes.  It can be played in pairs or in groups of up to 8 players.  The rules of the game are simple to understand which makes it easy learn and perfect for family fun time!  Every family member can play.  The object of the game is for a player to play all the dominoes from his or her hand onto one or more chains, or "trains", emanating from a central hub or "station" (the wooden centre piece).  During the game, players will be able to use their coloured locomotive as a marker to identify their "personal train".

The Mexican Train is a game that perfectly combines chance and strategy!

Comes in a wooden case with handle, making it easy to store and transport!

91 double twelve dominoes

1 Wooden centre piece.  

2 to 8 Players

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