Lunch Kiosk (#71333)
Lunch Kiosk (#71333)
Lunch Kiosk (#71333)

Lunch Kiosk (#71333)

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product no.: 71333

PLAYMOBIL Lunch Kiosk with a PLAYMOBIL figure, counter, fruit, snacks and fillable bottle machine.
As soon as the school bell sounds, everyone rushes to the Lunch Kiosk. What delicious food from the school garden will be available today? Get your drinks at the fillable bottle vending machine. With the PLAYMOBIL set School Kiosk, children aged 4 years and up can recreate exciting adventures and everyday situations.

The toy set includes a PLAYMOBIL figure, a sales counter, various types of fruit and snacks, and a functioning bottle machine that can be filled with bottles. A great birthday gift or any-day treat for creative children. The Lunch Kiosk can be played with on its own or combined with the other school sets in the PLAYMOBIL City Life series (sold separately).

Additional Information
Figure: 1 woman; Accessories: 1 counter, 1 tray, 1 milk carton, 1 fruit bowl, 1 bananas, 3 Hawaiian toasts, 1 burrito, 3 cheese sandwiches, 4 bottles, 1 watering can, 1 raised bed, 2 salad heads, 2 shovels
Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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