Lost Explorers
Lost Explorers
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Lost Explorers

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  • 8 yo +

  • 2 to 4

  • 40 minutes


BREAKING NEWS! Two explorers have announced today the discovery of a lost world… They explain that they have hidden clues leading to the secret entrance. This is a new challenge for you. Driven only by your courage, you decide to follow in their footsteps and launch a worldwide expedition but, beware! You’re not the only one on this quest…

In Lost Explorers, you’re the head of an expedition those mission is to find a Lost World… You start sending out members of your expedition team out of Venice; some investigate all around the world while others find means of transportation to be able to travel. Your two Expedition Leaders are trusted with the difficult task of analyzing these research’s findings to find the entrance to the lost world. The more clues your team finds, the closer to the secret entrance you get…

Goal of the game

To win the game, you must be the first to collect the 4 clues necessary to locate the entrance to the lost world. You can get these clues, represented by magnifying glasses, by following the trails of the two explorers. But how can you move forward on the tracks? By completing Missions.


Each player’s turn is divided in two phases:

    • Firstly, send your Expedition Members either on the Equipment areas in order to pick tokens (on Vehicle or Mission side) either on the Locations of the World Map using your Vehicle tokens.
    • Secondly, complete your Missions, retrieve your Expedition Members and move forward on the Explorers tracks. At the fifth space, you will be able to get the first clue leading to the entrance to the lost world… You will need four of them to find it!

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