Jok-R-Ummy (Joker Rummy)
Jok-R-Ummy (Joker Rummy)

Jok-R-Ummy (Joker Rummy)

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2 to 6 players | 10 years +

Have fun forming suits or grouping together groups of cards of the same value with the Jok-R-Ummy playing cards. Use the Jokers or the 2 to help you. Be the fastest to complete the challenges imposed by the program cards and win the game. Jok-R-Ummy, a simple card game where fun, tricks and fun are part of it. Simply perfect to enhance your family get-togethers.

Box contents
  • 108 traditional playing cards (2 decks of cards)
  • 87 program cards
  • Rules of the game

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