Jacarou Symbiose 1000pc
Jacarou Symbiose 1000pc

Jacarou Symbiose 1000pc

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Artwork: Karine Sirois

Dimensions: 27'' x 20''

1000 pieces Jigsaw puzzle of great quality with a unique and colorful design.


Art has always been a part of Karine Sirois' life. She first studied psychology and became an elementary school teacher. It is in 2019 that the expression of her creativity was revealed. Having explored oil painting, then watercolor, mainly painting portraits, Karine Sirois discovers acrylics, which she particularly likes. It was through intuitive painting, which was a revelation, that she refined her style. Her figurative creations are very colourful and are original joyful compositions. 

The artist overlays layers of paint and adds various marks using stencils, brushesm sponges, etc. The patterns or textures created give depth to her works. It is the turquoises mauves. pinks and light greens which appear mainly in her creations that make her art vibrant.

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