Isabell on Dolphin (Schleich #70719)

Isabell on Dolphin (Schleich #70719)

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Catalog Number 70719

If you hear the voice of the sea when you listen to your heart, the voice you hear is the mermaid Isabelle. Isabelle dances on the water, singing songs to the stars above, her pearl white dolphin companion always by her side. The Isabelle on Dolphin playset features a toy dolphin figurine paired with a breath-taking mermaid figure shimmering with pearlescent accents and sparkling glitter. From the mermaid's long flowing hair and shimmering tail to the dolphin's pearlescent skin.

Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 5,1181 x 2,1654 x 4,3307 inch


1x Isabelle, 1x dolphin

Additional Information
  • A glittering mermaid tail…a sparkling seashell outfit…the dolphin even has a hand-painted decoration to match the mermaid's mystical body art!
  • Isabelle hails from Meamare, and underwater kingdom in the world of BAYALA®, where fairies, unicorns, and mystical creatures dwell.
  • The mermaid Isabelle sings her stories to the waves and the sky. Her story is your story…what enchanted tale will she tell?
  • Mermaids and dolphins have a mystical connection in BAYALA®…a deep bond of friendship. Maybe its because of the embedded magnets that help Isabelle stay perched on her dolphin while you play.
  • This mermaid and dolphin enjoy birthday parties, holidays, and celebrations of all sorts.
  • The enchanted figurines and playsets of schleich® BAYALA® introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. 

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