Horse Stall Extension (Schleich #42569)

Horse Stall Extension (Schleich #42569)

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Catalog Number 42569
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 16,5354 x 4,9213 x 7,0866 inch

After a busy day of riding and jumping, your English Thoroughbred, Moonlight, is ready to rest and unwind. The cozy horse stall is calling! A nibble of hay and a gulp of water and your stallion is feeling muuuuuch better. All that's missing is a cozy blanket and some quiet music.

1x English Thoroughbred Stallion, 1x horse box, 1x drinking trough, 1x hay rack, 2x paddock element long, 1x paddock element short
Additional Information
  • Moonlight is a beautiful white English Thoroughbred Stallion with a reputation for sneaking carrots when you're not looking.
  • Our toys like to play as much as possible, so this playset is built for easy assembly. Let's get your story started!
  • Saddle up and ride! This playset is part of the schleich® HORSE CLUB lineup of figurines and playsets. A world of horse-y stories are waiting to be told!
  • Unpack and play – takes just a few minutes to assemble. No batteries, no complicated instruction, just 100% imagination and fun.
  • Our horse stall extension playset is a great gift for horse lovers who've put away their saddles and finished their homework.

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