Harrows Darts: Shafts
Harrows Darts: Shafts
Harrows Darts: Shafts
Harrows Darts: Shafts
Harrows Darts: Shafts
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Harrows Darts: Shafts

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- The world's most popular high grade nylon shafts for easy flight loading. The high-torque steel ring grips keep the flights firmly locked in place

Anodised Aluminimum
- Anodised aluminium with cross hole locking device. Simple, stylish and extremely long lasting

- Designed in 1980, this classic waisted shape was styled on the Alamo shaft and is now available worldwide

- Using golf ball technology, the dimples act as turbulators and induce a stabilising layer of air around the shaft. This reduces drag and increases lift. The shaft is made from a unique, toughened composite which offers exceptional flight grip.

Supergrip Carbon
- Supergrip Carbon is the latest addition to the ever popular Supergrip Shaft range. The Shafts have been manufactured using a unique carbon composite/compound, resulting in the most durable Supergrip we have ever created.
- Combines industry leading Supergrip technology with a tough Carbon substrate to produce a shaft of unrivalled strength and function
- Colour co-ordinated, precision engineered, rings have been factory fitted to give an incredible vice like grip

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