Eyela Riding on Golden Unicorn (Schleich #42508)

Eyela Riding on Golden Unicorn (Schleich #42508)

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Catalog Number 42508
Dimensions 5.04 x 2.76 x 5.55 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation 5-12 years

Crown princess Eyela loves to ride on her golden unicorn through the forests of bayala®. She had a special saddle made for this, so that she won't fall from the unicorn's back. Explore nature together in bayala!
Whenever Eyela saddles the golden unicorn, she wonders what adventures await her. The magic unicorn has very special skills and surprises the crown princess again every time with new feats. However, the golden unicorn stops by the royal court only on special days and can only be ridden by Eyela.
The Schleich® figures are modeled in detail and promote educationally valuable play.
With magnetic saddle!
With movable arm!
The figure is part of the bayala® theme world from Schleich® and is suitable for children between 5-12 years.


Whenever the golden unicorn has to sneeze, gold dust comes out of its nostrils!


1x Eyela, 1x golden unicorn, 1x saddle, 1x scepter

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