DoodleTown: Viking Village (1000pc)
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DoodleTown: Viking Village (1000pc)

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The Viking Village just received a new shipment of chaos! Come have fun exploring the island, playing chess, having tea parties with the wildlife, swimming with the sea monster, fend off some dragons, drink ale, fly away on Pegasus and whatever other ridiculous thing you can think of that Vikings do...but do they really? They do in Doodletown! Join the excitement and have some laughs along the way in this 1000 piece cartoon puzzle.

Artist: Dave Whamond

Assembled Size: 26.625" x 19.25"

Doing our bit for planet Earth by shipping less air, Cobble Hill introduces a new box size. Only the box size has changed. Our puzzles are still manufactured with thick blue board, linen finish, and feature a random cut. And they are still made in America. Well, there is one more change… making our boxes smaller allowed us to make our posters bigger! Posters are now 14” x 10”

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