Dart Set (Harrows)
Dart Set (Harrows)
Dart Set (Harrows)
Dart Set (Harrows)
Dart Set (Harrows)
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Dart Set (Harrows)

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Voodoo Brass Darts
- The Voodoo range of superbly styled brass darts features unique black knurled barrels, which are designed to give optimum grip and control. Anodised aluminium shafts, teamed with striking Marathon Gold flights combine to create perfection in flight.

Harrows Brass Chizzy Darts
- To complete the Chizzy collection, we are also launching a striking, brass dart range. Chizzy Brass darts have the same grip sequence as the 80% model, double shark grips at the front and rear and flat double ringed grips in the mid-section.
- The dart has been coated with a high-grade alloy, giving it a ‘tungsten look’
- This dart also has five rings in Chizzy’s signature yellow
- The dart is fitted with Black Midi Supergrip shafts, Prime flights

Harrows 80% Torpedo Darts
- Torpedo tungstens feature parallel barrels, Nylon shafts with flight retaining ring grips are teamed with stunning Hologram flights, creating an intermediate priced series for the developing player.
- Three types of barrel knurl
- Change the gram weight in drop box to view different barrel design

Harrows Pulse 90% Tungsten Dart Set
- The sharp, recessed curve grip is perfect for players that demand extra feel but without losing that, all-important, easy release. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with aqua Supergrip Fusion shafts and new Prime flights.

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