Critter Cards
Critter Cards
Critter Cards
Critter Cards
Critter Cards
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Critter Cards

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Ages 3+
2 players

Open the door and step into the world of Critter Cards! Join one of the Critter Cards and challenge your friends to a game of wits and focus. 

Will you team up with the Gnomes, the Realm's magical builders, or explore the waters with the Merfolk? Whichever you decide, in your journey you are not alone. 

Enlist the help of the Clan Heroes, human adventurers like you, that will assist you in your time of need. The Critter Realm is a magical place with so much to discover!

Critter Cards: Gnomes vs Merfolk comes with everything 2 payers need to play the game!

In the box:
25 Gnome Cards
25 Merfolk Cards
2 Hero Cards
2 Spell Decks with 6 cards each
Full colour rule book

Expansion packs also available.

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