Caravan for Secret Club Meetings (Schleich #42593)

Caravan for Secret Club Meetings (Schleich #42593)

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Catalog Number 42593

Shhhhhhh! Don't giggle too loud…we've got to keep the Horse Club's hideaway a secret! The Caravan for Secret Club Meetings playset provides the perfect venue for Hannah, Sophia, Lisa, and Sarah to spend time together as…The Horse Club! Loaded with accessories for hours of fun with horse friends! Now with posable Horse Club girl figurines! Recommended for ages 5 and up.
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 12,9921 x 9,0551 x 5,1181 inch

Be at the secret meeting place in an hour...this is gonna be big! A friend from the stables has a birthday coming up and the caravan is the perfect place to plan an epic surprise party. If only we had a secret place to hide the invitations. Can you think of somewhere we could hide them? Let's all head to the rooftop deck to plan snacks and party games! Best. Headquarters. EVER!


1x fully flexible figure, 1 x Andalusian Mare, 1x squirrel, 1x stall, 2x lanterns, 1x ladder, 1x chair, 1x sunshade, 1x outdoor table, 1x sofa, 1x living room table, 1x lamp, 1x window box, 1x rope ladder, 2x winner rosette, 1x saddle, 1x bridle, 1x rein, 1x halter, 1x hay rack, 1x comb, 1 x grooming brush, 1x straw bale , 1x bucket, 1 x apple, 2x cushion, 1x campfire, 1x bottle, 2x barbecue stick with sausage, 2x cup, 2x mug, 1x bowl, 1x plant pot, 3x wooden log, 1x sticker, 1x assembly instructions

Additional Information
  • Comes with a toy camp fire, paper lanterns, horse snacks, patio furniture, and all of the best secret hideaway accessories
  • Have you discovered the secret compartment inside the caravan? What did the HORSE CLUB girls discover inside? Secret hideaways make for great stories!
  • Today, it's a secret HORSE CLUB meeting at the caravan. Tomorrow, it's a drive to the city to check out the new Horse Beauty Salon. schleich® HORSE CLUB is full of stories waiting to be told!
  • Just a few snaps, and the HORSE CLUB's secret meeting location is ready for adventure!
  • Have you finished your chores? Mucked the stalls? Filled the feed troughs? This fun HORSE CLUB playset makes a great gift for young riders and horse lovers…but only once chores are done!

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