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Winner of Spiel des Jahres and Guldbrikken "Årets Voksen spil" 2018.

Azul is a very aesthetically pleasing game and is excellent fun for both experienced board gam-ers and beginners. In Azul, players compete to make the most wonderful wall of “azulejos”, the blue and white tiles found in many buildings surrounding the Mediterranean, in the royal palace of Evora. 

During each turn players will choose tiles from a selection of factories, arrange them in their production line, and finally place them on their walls. But be careful if you take more than you need, the surplus of tiles will reduce your total points. When you place the tile on the wall, you gain points. The number of points gained depends on where the tile is placed and if it has any adjacent tiles. Once a player has mounted five different tiles on a horizontal line, the game ends and points are tallied. Certain conditions may give extra points in this part of the game. 

Ages 8+
2-4 players

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