It's a Dog's Life (2000pc)
It's a Dog's Life (2000pc)
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It's a Dog's Life (2000pc)

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It's a Dog's Life is a Greg Giordano delight featuring four popular images set in a postcard like theme. If 2000 pieces is too big of a step on your puzzling journey, you can find these four images individually in 1000 pieces. From top left going clockwise we have: Summer Truck (discontinued), Flower Truck, Cobble Hill Farm, and Harvest Time.

Artist / Licensor: Greg Giordano

Assembled Size: 26.625" x 39.25"

Doing our bit for planet Earth by shipping less air, Cobble Hill introduces a new box size. Only the box size has changed. Our puzzles are still manufactured with thick blue board, linen finish, and feature a random cut. And they are still made in America. Well, there is one more change… making our boxes smaller allowed us to make our posters bigger! Posters are now 14” x 10”

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