Word on the Street
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Word on the Street

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On each turn, one team flips over a category card. Team members frantically brainstorm words that fit the category while the opposition tries to sidetrack them. The team must agree on a word and pull each letter of that word one lane closer to their side of the street, all before the time runs out. Word on the Street™ will have you in the fast lane to fun!

Recommended Age: 10 and up
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 20 minutes
Includes: 1 game board, 17 letter tiles, 216 category cards (432 categories), 1 divider card (to track which categories have been used), 1 card t ray, 1 thirty-second timer, instructions/rules
Awards: Oppenheim Gold Award, Parents Choice Silver, and Nickelodeon Best New Games.

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