Unicorn Carriage with Fairy
Unicorn Carriage with Fairy
Unicorn Carriage with Fairy

Unicorn Carriage with Fairy

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The fairy travels through the fairy forest in the unicorn carriage.
Today the fairy makes an excursion with the unicorn carriage. In no time the patient unicorn is harnessed to the carriage, then it's time to get in and off you go. After a short drive, a bird joins the fairy in the carriage and the two of them happily drive through the magical enchanted forest. With small steps into the big world of PLAYMOBIL. The play system of PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 is divided into three learning stages that build on each other: Easy Start, First Challenge and Little Expert. Each learning stage playfully promotes the child's development. Varied play themes and functions individually promote creativity, fine motor skills, language development, cognitive understanding and social competence.

Additional Information
Figures: 1 fairy Animals: 1 unicorn, 1 dove Accessories: 1 unicorn carriage
Recommended for ages 1 1/2 and up.

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