Trakehner Foal (Schleich #13758)

Trakehner Foal (Schleich #13758)

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Catalog Number 13758
Dimensions 3.9 x 1 x 2.8 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation 5-12 years

Trakehner are noble, warmblood horses that are often used for jumping and dressage. They can reach a height of 170 cm at the withers and have many colors.
Trakehner are pure-bred warmblood horses. For many horse fans these elegant animals are the ideal modern riding horse. Trakehner are especially suited as sport horses; they are just as talented at dressage as at jumping. They reach a height of 160 cm to 170 cm at the withers and have many colors.


The Trakehner's brand is an elk horn.


  • Scientific name : Equus ferus caballus
  • Global Home : Worldwide
  • Conservation Status : Domesticated

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