Take Along Police Station (#9382*)
Take Along Police Station (#9382*)
Take Along Police Station (#9382*)

Take Along Police Station (#9382*)

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Item number 9382

with lockable prison cell, office, helipad, and police bike.
- The set's entire contents can be stored inside the case. The handle on the roof can be folded upwards to carry the case.
- The door of the prison cell can also be closed independently of the ""office door"" and locked with a padlock.
- If the left flap is opened wide enough, a garage for the motorcycle will result and the helicopter landing pad on the roof can be used.
- A 1.2.3 figure can drive the motorcycle standing up.
- The bolt behind the seat can be pushed backwards and the rattling noise that now occurs when riding a motorcycle is supposed to simulate the driving noise.Combine with art. no. 9383 Police Copter:The police helicopter can land on the roof of the police station.

Additional Information
Figures: Two cops, 1 pickpocket Accessories: 1 police station, 1 police motorcycle, 1 money bag, 1 chair, 1 bed, 1 desk
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 44 x 13 x 15
Recommended for ages 1 1/2 and up.

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