Stephanie's Gymnastics Show (41372)
Stephanie's Gymnastics Show (41372)
Stephanie's Gymnastics Show (41372)

Stephanie's Gymnastics Show (41372)

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No. of bricks:241

• Gymnastics toy includes 2 mini-doll figures: Stephanie and Mia.
• Features various gymnastic equipment and a main stage with a rotating platform, speakers, leaderboard with sticker decorations, podium and a locker room.
• Gymnastic equipment includes a trampoline playset with jumping function and spinning parallel bars.
• Accessory elements include a ribbon on a stick, hoop, chalk bowl, 2 golden medals, 2 water bottles, chocolate bar and a banana.
• Main stage rotates so gymnasts' moves can be seen from all angles.
• Kids can interchange the gymnastic equipment on the main stage, depending on which event is being performed.
• Trampoline’s press-button function launches the competitors into the air.
• Let your budding gymnast imagine what it's like to be awarded a medal on the podium.
• Use the LEGO® Life app to access the intuitive Instructions PLUS building instructions. Help even younger builders through the building process, with easy-to-use zoom, rotate and ghost-mode functions to visualize their creations as they go.
• LEGO® Friends sets encourage imaginative play, and make building creative and fun.
• Makes an ideal Christmas gift or gift for the holiday season for creative kids.

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