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This exciting construction game demands balance, planning, nerve and calculated risk-taking! Can you stack your sticks without causing a crash? Assemble the 3-D frame playing board then take turns rolling the die. Balance your wooden playing sticks within the frame without knocking any down. Similar to Jenga, the goal is to place all of your sticks on top of the structure before your opponent! Staxis is a sure-fire way to create social interaction and friendly competition while strengthening fine-motor skills. Will you play it safe or push the limits and set your opponent up for disaster? Challenge your mind and each other with this suspenseful building game! For 2 to 6 players.

• Strengthens strategy, patience, concentration, creativity and balance
• Easy to learn, yet challenging enough for the whole family
• Game includes 50 sticks, 4 notched sticks, 3 legs, sphere and die
• Durable wooden materials for long-lasting enjoyment

Age Recommendation: Ages 6 and up

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