Piggy Back Brigade
Piggy Back Brigade
Piggy Back Brigade
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Piggy Back Brigade

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  • Run, piggy, run! A funny piggy board game where piglets jump over each other or hitch a piggyback to win!
  • Experiment with the shape of the piggies' track to change the game
  • A charming game for all the family, aged 4+
  • Develops fine motor skills and numeracy
  • For 2 to 7 players


The merry trunk gang consists of seven multi-colored piglets, who love nothing more than running through the meadows - on roads, which are so narrow that they cannot pass the other pigs - except, if they stand on top of one another! Naturally, they know how to do this, as they are not normal piglets, but genuine circus piglets! And even if they do not run a race, they gladly demonstrate acrobatic exercises or set up themselves in marvelous pyramids. After the board has been constructed, players' take turns rolling a special die numbering 1-4 and moves his pig based on the number he rolled. If a black number is rolled the player may get to take another turn. If you land on the same space as another pig you now move with the bottom piglets piggyback style. Once a player makes it to the end of the track is declared the winner.

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