Perplexors (STEM)
Perplexors (STEM)
Perplexors (STEM)
Perplexors (STEM)
Perplexors (STEM)

Perplexors (STEM)

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Pick up a pencil and sharpen your deductive reasoning skills with our best-selling logic puzzles. Each fun story problem can be solved through deducing information from each of the provided clues and using the "cross-out-and-circle" process of elimination to find the correct answer.
Each book includes 46 puzzles, plus solutions in the back. Puzzles increase in difficulty through each level of the series!

Perplexors Basic Level, great for grades 3 and 4.
Perplexors Level A, great for grades 4 and 5.
Perplexors Level B, great for grades 5 and 6.
Perplexors Level C, great for grades 6 and 7.
Perplexors Level D, great for grades 7 and up.
Perplexors Expert Level, great for grades 9 and up.

- Logic puzzles engage kids in deductive reasoning, logical thinking and testing skills
- Great practice for standardized tests
- The Perplexors series is a whole line of logic puzzle books – check out Grid Perplexors, STEM Perplexors, Animal Perplexors and more!
- Reproducible for single-classroom use; includes free printable sample in the link below

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