Ocean Adventure Playset
Ocean Adventure Playset
Ocean Adventure Playset

Ocean Adventure Playset

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Dive into an intense ocean-research adventure!

The two scientists are out in their fully-equipped boat exploring the nearby reef and its wildlife. On their first dive, they find an eel, a sea turtle, and an octopus. But they know there's more to find if they dive even deeper...

Climb into the cage and lower it down as far as it'll go. Look! There's an angler fish! And what is that crazy-looking fish?? And... Uh oh - SHARK!

Quick, pull your colleague back to the surface and get them back into the boat! - Whew! That was a close one...

Discover just how wild marine wildlife can be with the Kidoozie Ocean Adventure Playset.

Kidoozie Ocean Adventure Playset
  • Toy research boat, action figures, and wildlife figurines
  • Encourages imaginative play, an interest in marine biology
  • Boat is detailed with moving parts
  • Shark cage features opening door, room inside for one of the action figures
  • Includes boat, shark, 2 poseable figures, diving cage, 2 fish, eel, octopus, turtle, sea plant
  • Play figures each measure 4 inches tall
  • Designed for pretend-play - Not intended for playing in water
  • Quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

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