Jacarou Diamond Art- LED Light Box

Jacarou Diamond Art- LED Light Box

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Brighten up your Diamond Painting experience by using this Light Tablet to enjoy your activity! Visualize the symbols on the canvas with perfect clarity and make sure your diamonds are perfectly aligned. Its standard size A4 (33.5 * 23.5 cm), its reduced thickness (0.35 cm), its lightness (296 g) and its 3 brightness levels make it an ideal tool for Diamond painting. Perfectly adapted to this practice, it facilitates the identification of the symbols and the alignment of the drills on the portion of canvas you are working.You can take it everywhere! Thanks to its USB plug and low power consumption, you can easily power it on a computer or phone charger. Its tempered acrylic surface is shock resistant.

Benefits : Improves the visibility of symbols. Makes it much easier to differentiate certain symbols and colors that look alike. Do not tire the eyes. Makes the activity easier and more enjoyable (even for those who have a very good eyesight).

Features: Accessory with soft and uniform LED lighting, not tiring the eyes. Ultra thin. Shock resistant surface in tempered acrylic. USB cable to power it to a suitable outlet or computer. Lightweight and easy to carry. 5V power supply (low energy consumption)

Product Specification: Material: Acrylic, Power Source: USB (5V-12V / DC), Light Source: LED, Power consumption: 2.2W, Dimensions: 335 x 235 x 4 mm (W x W x H) / 13 '' x 9 '' x 1.5 '' (W x W x H) The box contains: 1 * A4 bright tablet and 1 * USB cable. Adapter not included

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