Hereford Calf (Schleich)

Hereford Calf (Schleich)

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Catalog Number 13868
Dimensions 2.99 x 0.91 x 2.09 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation 3-8 years

Most Hereford calves have a dark red coat. Their face, chest, neck and belly are white. The calves process the food they eat extremely efficiently, which allows them to put on several hundred kilograms in their first two years. A fully grown cow weighs 600 to 800 kg, while a fully grown bull weighs 900 to 1,350 kg.


A Hereford calf weighs around 40 kg at birth.


  • Scientific name : Bos taurus
  • Global Home : Worldwide
  • Conservation Status : Least concern
  • Primary habitat : Grassland

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