Fire Rescue with Personal Watercraft (#70140)*
Fire Rescue with Personal Watercraft (#70140)*
Fire Rescue with Personal Watercraft (#70140)*

Fire Rescue with Personal Watercraft (#70140)*

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Model # 70140
Incl. rescue drone with droppable floating tires to save the shipwrecked person. With the functioning cable winch the speedboat, which has caught fire, is pulled onto the rescue cruiser.
At sea, the sea rescue takes care of people in need. The captain of the rescue cruiser is just receiving a distress call. A speedboat has caught fire and the driver's life is in danger. Quickly the rescue crew sets off to the coordinates given. When they arrive at the scene of the accident, they first throw a life ring to the speedboat driver and then start to extinguish the burning vehicle. Fortunately, the rescue team is well equipped and has brought the fire under control quickly. With the winch the speedboat is pulled to the rescue cruiser and brought back to the harbour. The playset contains four PLAYMOBIL figures, a rescue cruiser, a speedboat, a drone, snorkeling equipment and many other extras for exciting rescue operations in the children's room.

Additional Information
Figures: 2 male sea rescuers, 1 female sea rescuer, 1 man; Accessories: 1 lifeboat equipped with winches at the bow and stern, spotlights and water sprayer, 1 speedboat, 1 rescue drone, 1 life ring, 3 flames, 1 pair of diving fins, 1 diving goggles with snorkel, 1 neck guard, 1 breastplate, 2 headgear for sea rescuers, 1 helmet

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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