'Dino Rise' Dino Mine Missile (#70929)*
'Dino Rise' Dino Mine Missile (#70929)*
'Dino Rise' Dino Mine Missile (#70929)*

'Dino Rise' Dino Mine Missile (#70929)*

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product no.: 70929
Alya and Samu are on a defensive course with their powerful rocket cart. Offers space for 2 figures, including functioning cannon and 2 projectiles. Can be used in the Dino Mine as well as separately. Dimensions: 17 x 4.5 x 6-7 cm
As always, Ayla and Samu are on the road in a double pack, this time with their two-seater Dino Mile Missile. The Dino Mine Missile is adapted to the track of the railway in the Dino Mine and equipped with a functioning cannon. Exciting rides are guaranteed for the siblings with this vehicle. The set includes Ayla and Samu from Team Dino Rise, a rocket cart with trailer and integrated cannon, two projectiles, a construction plan, crowbars and many other extras for fast-paced fun.

Additional Information
Figures: Ayla & Samu; Accessories: complete armors of both figures, construction plan, crowbar, 2 chains as connections of the Minecruisers, Minecruiser, Minecruiser trailer with integrated cannon, 2 bullets
Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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