Cuddlekins Tiger (Jumbo)
Wild Republic

Cuddlekins Tiger (Jumbo)

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This popular zoo animal appeals to everyone. Is it the Tiger’s eyes which memorize us or is it the distinct stripes? Whatever the reason may be, a fascination with these animals has occurred. Since Tigers are predators and yes, they are very adorable as a cub, however getting one for a pet is just not realistic or safe.

Wild Republic lifelike stuffed animals are a splendid toy for kids and ideal for any animal lover in your life. Extra large plush is a gift that keeps on giving and an excellent part of any kids bedroom décor. Yes, jumbo plush toys might be hard hide around the house as a gift, so be creative where to hide it! The one thing you will not be able to hide is the smile on the recipient’s face when they see it.


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