Castle Rampage
Castle Rampage
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Castle Rampage

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Your enemy’s castle has always been a thorn in your side, fueling the feud between you for a long time. It is time to settle your differences once and for all, and destroy his fortress in an all-out Castle Rampage! However, your opponent seemed to have had the same idea. So now, you will have to defend your own castle, while still trying to raze his fort to the ground. Players start by building their castle and its gate with four cards each. Then they can start attacking each other. Every round they may draw a card from the draw pile, reinforce their castle with one card and then play additional cards to attack - first the opponent’s gate and once that is destroyed the castle itself. Whoever manages to destroy the last defense card of their opponent, wins.

Castle Rampage is a quick and entertaining tower defense card game, in which both players are the attacker as well as the defender. Each turn, they have to consider which part of their castle to reinforce and how many cards to play in order to tear down the opponent’s castle walls as quickly as possible.

Ages 8+
2 players

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