Blended the Game
Blended the Game
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Blended the Game

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Number of Players: 3-6

Playing Time: 30 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 14+

Why choose one game, when you can blend them all?!

Blended is a new party game but you already know it. It's a mash-up of lots of games in one place.

Blended is a game for everyone, ideal to play with your friends, family or even to break the ice with new groups! everyone can and will want to play it.

Play lots of mini-games that will remind you of your all-time favourites in a fast-paced, fun and original way.

Choose whom you will play with or against. Be ready to attack and be attacked - you’ll have to sing, draw, think, negotiate, bet, steal, throw your hands in the air, dodge exploding blenders and loads more to make money and win the game! Loaded with surprise cards, bonus rounds, and ever-changing games, each time you play will be like new.


  • 225 mini games cards
  • 70 play cards
  • 2 large white boards
  • 6 small white boards
  • 70 Blendollar notes
  • 2 erasable markers
  • 1 rulebook

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