Pretend Gigantic Step and Play Piano
Pretend Gigantic Step and Play Piano

Pretend Gigantic Step and Play Piano

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Hours of great musical pleasure
Dance, sing and compose all at the same time.

The piano mat is sensitive to the touch. Use your hands or feet to play the notes, or roll back and forth to play the scales! Create killer dance moves and a song to go with your music to put on a show. With a 180 x 29 inch playing surface, your keyboard can also be your stage.

Play 8 different instruments.

Choose from piano, saxophone, violin, accordion, trumpet, harp, xylophone and guitar sounds to create your musical masterpiece. Change instruments mid-song for more complex compositions. The adjustable volume lets you play as loud as you want or as soft as you need.

ALEX Toys Pretend and Play products provide hours of imaginative fun. Putting on a puppet show, cooking an imaginary meal, serving guests at a tea party, playing at school or being a carpenter it's all possible.

Compose melodious melodies

Record your music, then use the play function to share it with your family and friends. There is also a demo mode with pre-recorded songs that can be played with any instrument. Works with 4 AA batteries not included.

An impressive gift.

Nothing is more exciting on your birthday or a holiday than a giant wrapped box. The 85.7cm wide x 40cm high and 8.3cm deep box will let kids know what's inside. And when it's unboxed, they won't be disappointed.

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